How To Get Involved

Bridges of Peace and Hope is a network of teachers and students collaborating on creative projects that promote respect, understanding, and cooperation. You can become involved in one or more of the following ways:

By Participating in an Existing Project

To learn about the existing projects click on one of the projects named on the menu “BoPH Projects Page Links” to the right of this text. Each of these projects can also be accessed on the home page by scrolling your cursor over the figures holding hands on the large bridge design.

  • We NEED submissions for the “Heroes Project” before November 1, 2010
  • The “Video Project” includes suggestions for making a video or podcast that tells others about your class, school, or country. You may be able to partner with a class in another country to create an international project.
  • The “Connecting Classrooms” link includes ideas for Pen Pals, video conferencing and much more.

By Contributing to a Service Project

  • Musical Instruments for a School in Zambia

We are currently raising funds to provide musical instruments and support for a music program for Prince Takamado School in Lusaka, Zambia. The school did not have any instruments or music program before this project began. To learn more about this initiative click on the link to the Common Threads box titled “BoPH Students Help Bring Music to a School in Zambia

Jeff please insert a link here to the NEW TEXT I sent the other day. Let’s call that box “BoPH Students Help Bring Music to a School in Zambia

  • Support for a Bridges of Peace and Hope School in Haiti

Carline Murphy, a member if Bridges of Peace and Hope, is originally from Haiti, and now lives in Columbia County, New York. Carline founded and directs a non-profit organization called Haitian Community Development Project

Carline's daughter MJ, a student at Tufts University, was in Haiti on a humanitarian mission when the earthquake hit. MJ is now back at school in the US and she is physically okay but carries a heavy emotional weight from the events she witnessed and survived. Carline and her family and friends in the community have lost many relatives and friends. As the intense media coverage of the earthquake in Haiti recedes the essential and difficult work of putting lives and communities back together is just beginning, if it's happening at all.

The tremendous outpouring of donations to international aid groups and non-profits has been impressive and uplifting but the needs of many individuals, families, and communities will be very difficult to address through these channels. Carline is encouraging everyone to try to offer assistance directly to Haitian people that they may know in their communities so that they can then directly help family members and friends in Haiti. Please click on the link below so you can read Carline's letter.

Link to letter from Carline Murphy

Carline is in the process of acquiring a container to send to Haiti. She is asking for donations of supplies such as tents, sleeping bags, tarps, and other goods. She is also asking for monetary donations to pay for the container and shipping, and to support her family members and others in the community.

Included in that community is the Comivod (College Mixte Volonte De Dieu) School. The school, run by Carline's sister, is participating in the Bridges of Peace and Hope Project. Children at the school did a quilt square for the BoPH hope quilt last summer. To see video of these students working on their Bridges project go to the You Tube link at

To learn about Carline Murphy's non- profit HCDP and see pictures of students working on the BoPH project go to the link

If you would like to contact Carline directly to learn how you or your school can help, her email address is

To learn how your class can help with either of these projects, please contact John Farrell at

By Initiating a New Project

If you have a project that you would like to tell others about, or you have an idea for a project that you would like to submit, please contact Mary Jain Dayger at